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Русская почта более лучше стала работать.
Не сглазить бы!
За две недели из Австралии приехала еще одна книжка из библиотеки и с автографом Юкио Мисима. По моей просьбе, хозяйка книги написала письмо (у коллекционеров это называется "провенанс" - да?), где кратко рассказала об истории контактов её семьи с Мисима. Вот что она пишет:

<...> Kim, as we called Mishima in our family, was invited by my father (J. Andrew Shuttleworth) to stay at our home in Great Missenden in the early 1960s, at the same time as Tennessee Williams. My father, freelance editor of “Time and Tide” and “The Paris Review” was to interview them jointly.

My brother James, then in his late teens, became instantly fascinated by Mishima and a long friendship ensued. My brother travelled several times to Japan at Mishima's invitation and he learns Japanese as well as the martial arts of the Samurai with Mishima as his master and the “tatenokai” as co-disciples.

My brother suffered a deep depression at the news of Mishima's death in 1970 and was hospitalised in the UK for several months. He never recovered completely. He never married.

After my parents retirement to Spain and my mother's death, the family dispersed. James, Anthony and I settled in Australia and worked as journalists. Our sister Emma remained in England.

James passed away in July 2013. Anthony lives in NSW and I run a wildelife sanctuary in old. We all shared my brother's extensive library of first editions and presentation signed books.

This is to help you understand our family's connection with the literary world of mid 20th century.

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